Intelligent Vision Smart Life

Goke is committed to the R&D of key technologies of audio and video encoding and decoding, ISP and AI. The company has successively launched a series of video encoding chips and solutions, covering different resolutions such as 2M/3M/4M/5M/4K, supporting international advanced standards such as H.264 and H.265. Products are widely used in industrial and consumer markets such as safe cities, smart transportation and smart homes.

Leading Key Technologies

· ISP Image Processing

Continuous investment in self-development of algorithm to provide leading professional image quality in the market

· Video Encoding

Deep accumulation of H.264, H.265, SVAC2.0 and other encoding technologies; 1080P ~ 4K resolution; Smart264/265 solution which further reduces code rate

· AI Design

Comprehensive covering high-level, medium-level and low-level computing power chips; Efficient utilization rate of neural network and comprehensive adaptation to mainstream networks; High energy efficiency ratio to achieve extremely low-power consumption applications; Common AI application API available

· Ultra-high Integration

Integrating network PHY, DDR, Audio Codec and other functions, providing an ultra-high cost-effective solution and greatly reducing the complexity of peripheral design

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