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Working Environment

 GOKE provides employees with an excellent work environment and atmosphere with freedom and trust, barrier-free communication approach and simple working relationship. We encourage staff to work passionately and live happily. We hold a variety of recreational and sports activities as well as staff birthday party. We also adopt flexible attendance checking system such as time-off leave.
Working Environment
  • badminton gym
  • badminton gym
  • a scene of staff activity room
  • conference room
  • reception room
  • office
  • company hall
  • an alley in GOKE
  • afterglow above lake
  • morning glory above lake
  • panorama of Changsha Head Quar
Staff Activities
  • party staff birthday party
  • badminton in Shanghai
  • electronic sports
  • ping-pong in Chengdu
  • Family day
  • playing CS
  • basketball association
  • team building activity of Chen
  • team building activity of Chan
  • team building activity of Chan
  • annual meeting in 2014
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