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Product introduction

As a highly integrated and low-cost HD decoder, GK6202A supports AVS+ HD decoding, NDS advanced security CAS, and with its 1200 DMIPS processing capacity, this device is ideal for “Huhutong” HD STB of China DTH market as well as terrestrial HD STB. 

Product parameters
  • Specifications:
  • ●HD decoder with CPU@1200 DMIPS。
  • ●Support 16-bit DDR3 memory at a maximum speed of 1866 MHz
  • ●Support SPI Flash
  • ●Support video decoding formats including VC-1,AVC/H.264,MPEG-2,MPEG-4,DivX,AVS,AVS+.
  • ●Support video output formats including 480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p.
  • ●Support audio decoding formats including AC3, AAC, DD, DD+, DTS, MP2, MP3.
  • ●Integrate NDS ICAM2.8
  • ●Peripherals: UARTS, GPIOs, Keypad/LED controllers, IR, JTAG and USB2.0.
Product features
  • Key Features
  • ●4-channel video DACs and 2-channel audio DACs satisfy demands of various analog output.
  • ●Highly integrated with DDR PHY, Ethernet PHY, OTP and so on.
  • ●40nm process, low-cost small package.
  • ●USB2.0 for PVR function.
  • ●Support 2-layer PCB layout.
  • ●Support truly standby function.
Main features

Application diagram:

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