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Product introduction

GK6105SU-M/D is a cost effective SD decoder for China DTH STB market, which having demodulator, audio/video decoder and DDR memory (GK6105SU-D only) in one SiP package with NDS advanced security support. Its optimized design is especially applied to “Huhutong” SD STB.

Product parameters
  • Specifications:
  • ●Internal demodulator to perform the demodulation function which fully complies with the safe mode of ABS-S standard
  • ●MPEG-2 SD hardware decoding, supporting resolution up to 720×576.
  • ●CPU frequency runs at 260MHz
  • ●Support DDR1 and SDRAM (GK6105SU-D SiP DDR internally)
  • ●Support SPI Flash
  • ●Integrate NDS ICAM2.5
  • ●GK6105SU-M: FBGA157 packaging(10mm×10mm)
  • ●GK6105SU-D: FBGA116 packaging(8mm×8mm)
Product features
  • Features:
  • ●Mature and reliable STB solution with small size and low-cost design for China DTHmarket
  • ●GK6105SU-D has the smallest chip package in China DTH market
  • ●SiP DDR memory in GK6105SU-D to reduce BOM cost dramatically
  • ●Fully hardware Audio/Video decoding, releasing more CPUresource.
  • ●Every chip having the unique and unchanged ID via internal OTP writing.
Main features

Applications diagram

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