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Product introduction

GK5201 is a high-performance national standard terrestrial demodulation chip, which can meet a variety of complex ground conditions and suppress interference effectively. Its main functions include baseband signal demodulation and channel decoding for converting the DTMB signal output from the terrestrial tuner into a TS stream and providing it to the backend decoder chip via a simple interface.

Main features

◆Fully compliant with GB20600 standard,supports MC( Multi-carrier )and SC( Single Carrier ), with and without pilot;

◆Modulation includes 4QAM-NR,4QAM,16QAM,32QAM,64QAM with header size of PN420,PN595 and PN945 symbols;

◆LDPC decoder with code rate 0.4,0.6,0.8;

◆De-interleaver depth:240 and 720 symbols

◆Automatic carrier mode detection and modulation/code rate detection

◆Signal quality monitor and lock detector

◆Supports standard IF input and zero-IF(baseband) input, interface with all types of tuners

◆Integrated A/D converters with DC component cancellers,IQ imbalance compensator,and phase imbalance compensator

◆Standard mpeg transport output with either parallel or serial interfaces

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