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Product introduction


GK1108 is one advanced Audio Processor for Sound-Bar, BT/Wi-Fi Audio Speaker and Karaoke etc.

GK1108 is with advanced features to support HD audio format and surround function, including audio decoder DSP, audio surround DSP, analog audio codec, I2S port, audio post processing, hardware DMA, USB, and SPDIF. It also includes HDMI CEC for HDMI wake up function.  

With different sub marking, GK1108 series chips are applied to high, middle and low-end market g through different HW configurations.

GK1108 comes with the Goke low-level Driver Application Programming Interface (GAPI) to help customers achieve the shortest possible development cycle. GAPI is a complete driver set allowing fast and efficient customer software design. The whole SW release package also includes PC SW tuning tools that help customer to achieve the high quality audio output with low cost speakers.

Main features


•ARC RISC CPU@360MHz(16K-I 16K-D)

•Dual-core Audio DSP@360Mhz

•Built-in 16-bit DDR1 memory  

•Bootable from SPI Flash memory

•Security boot support (Option)

•On-chip OTP area for different audio format and surround function support

•Advanced hardware acceleration unit with common DMA channel

•USB2.0 High Speed OTG (Controller and PHY)

•Multi-input channel I2S in/Stereo analog in/ SPDIF in

•Multi-output channel I2S out/Stereo Analog out

•2xUART/2xI2C/IR/Front panel  

•1xPCM interface 

•1xHDMI CEC interface

•Configurable GPIO/SDIO

•Build in standby MCU and RTC

•Support real standby, low power mode  


•Amb. Temperature: 0C to 70C

•55nm technology:1.2V core, 3.3V I/O  

Functional block diagram

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